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The Evolution of Small Cap Investing – No Small Matter

Algert Evolution Of Small Cap Investing Whitepaper Fourth Quarter 2021

At Algert Global, there are three growing areas they have focused their research and development efforts on as it relates to U.S. small cap equities:

1. First, they assess how an explosion of new data and the tools used to interpret this data have been a catalyst for innovative R&D.

2. Second, they consider how the shift in investor sentiment away from active investing towards passive investing has influenced price discovery in U.S. small cap equities.

3. Third, they consider whether crowding of factor exposures, is cause for concern amongst U.S. small cap stocks.

Recently the team at Algert Global shared their insights with us about the Evolution of Small Cap Investing. We wanted you to also benefit from this knowledge which is in the attached whitepaper.

Martin Gawne