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[Video] Long-Term Investing with All Cap Growth Portfolio Manager Rob McVicker

  All Cap Growth portfolio manager Rob McVicker discusses the three characteristics he looks for when investing in companies for the long-term.

Risk and Volitility

[Video] Talking Global Real Assets with Michael Underhill

Watch Michael Underhill, portfolio manager of the North Square Global Resources & Infrastructure Fund, discuss potential advantages to investing in global real assets. Allocating to Global Real Assets Global real assets have continued to find a place in many institutional

Risk and Volitility

The Real Deal: Global Real Assets

We explore the characteristics of global real assets—an asset class that often performs differently than traditional investments under the same market conditions. Contents: The Case for Real Assets Inflation Can Erode Savings Enhanced Portfolio Diversification Strategic Exposure in Portfolios Real

Investment Strategies

International Small Cap Equities: Invest in the Asset Class

International small caps provide diverse exposure to regional economies across the globe. Many portfolios are missing this diversifying asset class. North Square explores its potential advantages. Contents: Little Stocks in a Big World Under Allocation Two Sides of the Same

Investment Strategies

Allocation Across Market Caps

Portfolio construction for diversified portfolios in a highly correlated world. North Square Investments believes there are client portfolio benefits for financial advisors and consultants to use All Cap equity strategies. Here are three major reasons: 1. All Cap strategies focus

Risk and Volitility

Finding the Right Angle – Multi Strategy Allocation Approach

The Multi–Strategy Fund finds unique opportunities through an agile yet focused approach. The Multi-Strategy approach represents one of North Square’s core investment ideas – to provide active portfolios that are meaningful to diversification. The idea that active investors can add


The Problem With Your Commodity Index ETF

Many diversified portfolios may have exposure to commodities in order to gain on global growth trends, especially as emerging economies develop. This exposure to commodity-related investments is practical not only for portfolio diversification but also inflation protection. But outside of shorter

Investment Strategies

Alpha Insights Driven by Investment Fundamentals

Bram Zeigler is a Portfolio Manager at Algert Global, sub-advisor to the International Small Cap Fund. Using behavioral finance principles and his research-based knowledge, over 20 years of practical experience has shaped his insightful understanding of economic and market efficiency.

Company News

Press Release – North Square Investments Launches

Industry veterans launch North Square Investments, in partnership with Estancia Capital and former industry executives, to deliver differentiated active investment products. Based in Chicago North Square Offers Institutional Quality, Actively-Managed Investments In Select Asset Classes Through Well-Established Intermediary Relationships North Square

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