North Square Investments officially launches as a new platform for offering diversified investment strategies to the marketplace.

Throughout history, city squares have brought people together to meet and exchange ideas. We believe in that concept so much, we named ourselves after it. And we deliver on that principle by finding, vetting and bringing together some of the most talented minds in active investment management.

Our core principle is to bring our partners the right opportunities at the right time. With our unique blend of technology, infrastructure and resources — not to mention our decades of industry experience — we provide access to best-in-class managers, and foster an environment that positions them to pursue additional avenues for growth.

Our philosophy.

The right place. The right time. The right angle.

At North Square, we make connections happen. We actively seek out and deliver promising strategies from proven investment managers you might not be able to locate otherwise. Our prerequisites are an impressive pedigree and a proven track record. Our promise is in our ability to scout and vet talent, and bring the best-in-class managers to the opportunities of new markets at this unique moment.

We believe the innovative solutions we offer are much like the market itself – always evolving, never standing still. With one eye on client success and the other on product innovation, we deliver the diverse strategies our partners need, when they need them.

Our Products.

The results you want. The opportunities you need.

We never forget that our partners rely on us as a key intersection between great opportunities and strong, consistent returns. Like a city square, we actively foster an environment designed to deliver specialized investments, innovative research and modern risk management to financial advisors and consultants.

We’re confident that when you come to our square, you’ll not only find consistent quality and performance, but also new angles and undiscovered opportunities to bring back to your clients.

North Square – the best and the brightest, all in one place.

Our Team.

Where experience and enterprising converge.

We’re a team of investment professionals with decades of experience, dedicated to finding, vetting and delivering some of the most talented investment managers to you.

We believe that when different experiences, points of view and talents come together, new and unexpected opportunities arise. It’s why we’ve cultivated a team with diverse backgrounds and perspectives–and the expertise to bring together some of the best minds in active investment management.

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North Square. Where great investment ideas and people come together.