North Square

Multi Strategy Fund

Asset Allocation Strategies

The Multi Strategy Fund combines North Square’s unique investment products with focused research to arrive at a portfolio allocation that seeks to outperform over the long-term.


Class Ticker Net Expense* Gross Expense
A ORILX 1.52% 1.52%
I PORYX 1.28% 1.28%

*North Square Investments, LLC, the Fund’s investment adviser, does not receive management fees for Fund assets invested in other series of the Trust advised by North Square (“affiliated investments”). North Square receives management fees of 0.50% for Fund assets invested in non-affiliated investments. As of the date of this prospectus, North Square expects substantially all of the Fund’s assets to be invested in affiliated investments. Acquired fund fees and expenses are indirect fees and expenses that the Fund incurs from investing in the shares of other mutual funds, including money market funds. The total annual fund operating expenses and net operating expenses do not correlate to the ratio of expenses to average net assets appearing in the financial highlights table of the Fund’s prospectus, which reflects only the operating expenses of the Fund and does not include acquired fund fees and expenses.