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Oak Ridge Investments

Oak Ridge Investments is an investment management firm located in Chicago. Founded in 1989, Oak Ridge is focused on providing select, actively managed equity strategies to its broad range of clients. Oak Ridge’s focus is on a fundamentally-driven approach to investing in growing companies across the market cap range.

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Algert Global

Algert Global is a San Francisco-based leader in systematic investment strategies founded in 2002. Algert takes an active, fundamentally driven approach to seek to exploit inefficiencies in global equity markets resulting from investor behavioral biases. With this approach, they manage a variety of equity strategies including U.S. small cap and international small cap, among others.

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Advisory Research® Investment Management

Advisory Research delivers distinct investment opportunities for the benefit of their clients through differentiated processes, specialized products, efficient operations, and high-touch client service. Advisory Research®’s actively managed strategies include U.S. value and growth, global core equity, and energy equity as well as private funds to institutional and intermediary investors.

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Red Cedar Investment Management

Red Cedar is an active asset manager focused on providing high-quality, income-producing strategies to clients through research across the capital structure. A primary expertise is in managing preferred securities.

These unique research perspectives are the difference between active and passive portfolio management.

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